Vertical Inline Pump


In the Vertical Inline Pumps, the inlet and outlet are inline. This arrangement is typically used where space is limited such as onboard a ship, Generator Jacket Cooling etc. This type of pumps can be made to various designs which include spacer couplings to enable maintenance to be carried out without removal of motors reducing downtime. In monobloc designs, an inline pump will usually have a single shaft connecting the motor to the pump head meaning the motor bearings bear the full rotary load of the shaft during operation. This design of pump is better suited for short duties at full motor speed, and light duties. During maintenance the motor and pump must be disassembled with the mechanical seal refitted at the same time as motor fitting.

Water supply systems

Cooling circuits

Swimming pools

Fire-fighting systems

Fluid to be Handled

Clean & Clear Water

Connection Type


Drive Connect with

Electric Motor

Casing Material

Grey Cast Iron

Impeller Material

Grey Cast Iron

Shaft Material

Tempering Steel C 45 / SS 1.4462

Shaft Seal Type

Mechanical Seal

Pump Type


Suction Behavior

Non Self-Priming

Max. Flow rate

400 m3/h

Min. Flow rate

2 m3/h

Max Head

102 M

Min Head

2 M

Max. Casing Pressure

16 bar

Max. Allowed Fluid Temperature

140 °C

Min. Allowed Fluid Temperature

-30 °C

Mains Frequency

50 Hz.

Mains Voltage

220 V / 440 V

Generator Coolant Circulation

Air-Conditioning Systems

Cooling Circuits

Heating Systems

Water Supply

Industrial Recirculation Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Service Water Supply Systems