Thermal Oil Transfer Pump

Etanorm SYT

Horizontal volute casing pump in back pull-out design, single-stage, with ratings and dimensions to EN 733, radially split volute casing with integrally cast pump feet, replaceable casing wear rings, closed radial impeller with multiply curved vanes, single mechanical seal to EN 12756, double mechanical seal to EN 12756, drive-end bearings. The Etanorm SYT single-stage volute casing pumps from KSB now include a stable rib design and reinforced bearings which makes them resistant to external forces, making them suitable for the transfer of efficient synthetic oils. The Etanorm SYT range now also features a new vent design through which gases can be removed during operation. For very critical fluids a variant with double mechanical seal has been introduced. The Etanorm SYT single-stage volute casing pumps from KSB are suitable for applications in modern heat transfer systems and hot water circulation and are suitable for the transfer of hot water as well as mineral oil based thermal fluids and synthetic thermal oils at temper­tures of up to 350°C.

Water supply systems

Cooling circuits

Swimming pools

Fire-fighting systems

Fluid to be Handled

Mineral and Synthetic Thermal Oil

Connection Type


Drive Connect with

Motor / Combustion Engine

Casing Material

EN-GJS-400-15 / A 536 GR 60-40-18

Impeller Material

EN-GJL-250 / A 48 CL 35B

Shaft Material

1.4021 + QTHRC55

Shaft Seal Type

Mechanical Seal

Pump Type

Bare Shaft Pump

Suction Behavior

Non Self-Priming

Allowed Fluid Temperature

For Thermal Oil up to 350°C

Allowed Fluid Temperature

For Hot Water up to 180°C

Min. Allowed Fluid Temperature


Max. Flow Rate

754 m3/h

Min. Flow Rate

1.5 m3/h

Max Head

102 M

Max. Pressure

16 Bar

Mains Frequency

50 Hz.

Mains Voltage

220 V / 440 V

Thermal Oil Transfer

Hot Water Transfer

Thermal Boiler

High Temperature Liquid Transfer