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Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal volute casing pump, single stage with power ratings and main dimensions to EN 733 up to DN 200 with bearing bracket, in back pull out design. Back pull-out design helps to dismantle the pump keeping the casing in the pipe line. Shaft with replaceable shaft sleeve / shaft protecting sleeve in the shaft seal area. Volute casing and impeller with replaceable wear rings. Volute casing with integrally cast pump feet. Pump is incorporated with grease lubricated robust deep-groove ball bearing and mechanical seal to EN 12756 or gland packing. The efficient operation of a centrifugal pump relies on the constant, high speed rotation of its impeller.

Submersible Pump

Submersible pump sets are Single stage or multi-stage single entry centrifugal pumps of ring section type with radial or mixed flow impellers connected by means of a sleeve coupling to a water filled, rewindable type AC induction motor. Pumps with radial flow impellers have renewable diffusers. Pumps with mixed flow impellers have guide vanes cast in the bowls. The different stages are connected by hook bolts in the case of radial flow pumps and bolted together in case of mixed flow pumps.

Vertical Multistage Pump

A vertical multistage pump is a centrifugal pump containing two or more impellers. The fluid flows into the inlet of the pump casing where it flows into the eye of the impeller. The rotation of the impeller creates centrifugal force The diffusers are a type of cutwater which direct the fluid into the suction eye of the next impeller. This process continues until the fluid has passed through each impeller stage. The fluid is then directed out the pump casing through a final diffuser and into the pump discharge. Each stage that the fluid passes through increases the discharge pressure.

Vertical Inline Pump

In the Vertical Inline Pumps, the inlet and outlet are inline. This arrangement is typically used where space is limited such as onboard a ship, Generator Jacket Cooling etc. This type of pumps can be made to various designs which include spacer couplings to enable maintenance to be carried out without removal of motors reducing downtime. In monobloc designs, an inline pump will usually have a single shaft connecting the motor to the pump head meaning the motor bearings bear the full rotary load of the shaft during operation. This design of pump is better suited for short duties at full motor speed, and light duties. During maintenance the motor and pump must be disassembled with the mechanical seal refitted at the same time as motor fitting.

Horizontal Multistage Pump

Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump in ring-section design, long-coupled or close-coupled, with axial or radial suction nozzle, cast radial impellers and motor-mounted variable speed system. Multistage pumps are defined as pumps in which the fluid flows through several impellers fitted in series. The head of a single-stage centrifugal pump is largely governed by the type of impeller and the circumferential speed. If the rotational speed cannot be increased due to other operating conditions and a larger impeller diameter would lead to very low specific speeds resulting in uneconomical efficiencies, fitting several stages in series can be an economic option of increasing the head. If the number of stages is altered at unchanged dimensions and speeds, the flow rate of such a multistage pump remains constant while the power input and head increase proportionally to the number of stages. This type of pump is often used in power station applica

Screw Pump

Roto Gear Timed Dual-Flow Twin Screw Pumps is dependent on the rotation of two screw spindles in closed compartment. Wherein, a predefined clearance is maintained between the screw spindles as well as between the outside diameter of the screw spindles and the bore of the casing/liner in which the screw spindles are located. Each half of the screw spindles is left-handed and right-handed. The dual flow nullifies the axial thrust completely thereby enabling the screw spindles to remain in a state of hydraulic balance. Roto’s unique double profile of the screw spindles contributes to a higher volumetric efficiency, thus an improved overall efficiency. These pumps widely confirm to API 676, 3rd edition and are ATEX and CE certified.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pump

Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps are classified as reciprocating, positive-displacement-style pumps. They operate by displacing fluid from one of its two liquid chambers upon each stroke completion. To operate, the diaphragm pumps require a given amount of pressure and air volume to deliver the proper amount of fluid. The simple genius of the AODD pump design means that there are only a few wetted parts that are dynamic: the two diaphragms, which are connected by a common shaft, the two inlet valve balls and the two outlet valve balls. These pumps widely confirm to API 676, 3rd edition and are ATEX and CE certified.